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Types of ceramic toys

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Chinese ceramic toys are widely distributed and have a wide variety, with different types of clay glazes used, which has led to a very rich classification of ceramic toys. Ceramic toys have a long history in China, but there are few related historical books, and we can only roughly classify them here

Festival category: Refers to the timely ceramic toys in specific festivals. Like the song dynasty's "grinding drinking music"

Ornamental category: Refers to ceramic toys with decoration as their main function, and focuses on internal depiction, which has certain enlightenment and educational significance. Ru Yu Gong Kiln Children's Products.

Audio category: refers to ceramic toys that emit sound as the main means of entertainment, such as Tao Xun

Fitness category: Ceramic toys with the main purpose of exercising the body. Health Ball for the Elderly

Puzzle type: Ceramic toys with the main function of developing intelligence and stimulating brain activity, not only have entertainment functions, but also have a certain degree of logic and competitiveness, such as ceramic Go

Practical toys: refer to ceramic toys that not only have entertainment functions, but also have practical life functions, such as lying cows and water droplets

Ceramic toy: A toy made by molding and drying ordinary clay and firing it in a kiln at low temperature (800 ° C -1100 ° C), such as Zeng Peng's pottery toy

Porcelain plastic toy: A toy made by molding and drying porcelain stone and kaolin as raw materials and firing them in a kiln at high temperature (1200 ℃ -1400 ℃). Like porcelain figurines, small animals

Composite material ceramic toy: A toy made by combining slightly better ceramic or ceramic components with other materials. These materials include cloth, wood, metal, etc. A ceramic toy dog that emits a barking sound when pressed with a cloth link at the waist

There are many classification methods for ceramic toys, such as shore glazed and plain fired (unglazed) to distinguish and imply the distinction between different types of glazes. But there are too many glaze materials in China, such as transparent and opaque glazes, flowing and non flowing glazes, monochromatic and polychromatic glazes, and even differences in glaze thickness and kiln atmosphere during the firing process, which can produce different artistic effects on ceramic toys. Therefore, glaze is temporarily not used to distinguish between them.

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