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How to choose ceramic cups

Time:2022-09-23 15:57:48      Click:2176

1. Firstly, pay attention to whether the lid is suitable. We know that ceramic cup lids can prevent water from quickly cooling. If the lid is not properly closed, it may be defective and may affect future use.

2. Listen to the sound and lightly flick your fingers. If you make a clear and pleasant sound, then this porcelain body is fine and dense. If the sound is hoarse, then it is inferior porcelain and cannot be purchased.

3. When drinking water, the mouth will come into contact with the cup wall, so there should be no pattern on the top of the outer side of the cup wall, which is where the mouth comes into contact, and it is best not to have a pattern on the inner wall. Because these glazed decorations contain trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, they are not easy to use for a long time. There is a certain degree of harm to the human body.

4. Touch the surface. Check for smoothness, cracks, small holes, and black spots. If it is as smooth as glass, the product is better.

5. When purchasing ceramic cups, it is usually only considered to purchase natural colored cups with a smooth surface. If you cannot resist the temptation of color patterns, it is recommended to purchase underglaze colored ceramic cups.

6. It is not recommended to purchase ceramic cups on the streets and alleys. Poor quality heavy glazed thick colored cups often exceed heavy metal standards, and ceramic cups with uneven surfaces and detached glaze cannot be purchased even if they are cheap.

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